Soursop: Arabian therapeutic

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The custard apple is the fruit of soursop (Annona muricata, from the Annonaceae family).
It measures up to 30 cm long and can weigh up to 4 or 5 kg.
Its appearance is dark green, its bark stitched spines.

Its flesh is white and fleshy with black seeds (indigestible).
In Brazil, this fruit is called graviola, sapodilla and the island of La Reunion (from the name of the fruit in India, Sapadille), also called soursop in English, in guanabana, Spanish, or, mang cau-Vietnam and yet thu-riankhaek Thailand.

Le corossol : mille et une vertus thérapeutiques
Soursop: Arabian therapeutic

Soursop fruit is an energy with high carbohydrate content.
It is rich in vitamin C, which facilitates the absorption of iron (present also in the corossol).
It also contains fiber and minerals, including potassium, calcium and magnesium ...
The sweet taste of soursop allows to consume natural without added sugar. It is also eaten as a fruit salad, juice or sherbets and even cooked like in Indonesia flan or gratin.
Pele and cleared of seeds, soursop can also be cooked.

Therapeutic properties

Fruit Annona muricata ... that name, we feel that the soursop is much more than fruit. He is full of his therapeutic properties that contribute to the health well-being.

If the miraculous benefits of soursop in cancer treatment have been scientifically provenThey seem nevertheless overshadow other healing properties of this fruit to spine. Thanks to its rich components formed among other amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Annona muricata is a natural therapeutic ally and certainly not produce unexpected side effects provided you consume with moderation.

In fruit juice, sherbet or jam, custard apple is recommended in cases of insomnia, depression and nervous disorders. It is further an antimicrobial agent for bacterial infections, parasitic and fungal. It is also good for the heart and stimulates digestion.

Originally from the Amazon, soursop is green and vaguely resembles a heart. It is recognized that matures by its penetrating odor and rather soft skin.

A powerful anti-cancer

Nature surprises us more and more. The virtues of this fruit are unknown by the majority of the population in the world, especially by people who have cancer. Still, soursop, still known as Graviola or Guanabana, is a fruit which his anti-cancer properties are scientifically proven.

The bark, fruits, leaves and roots act on the cells of our body. The leaves of the tree can destroy cancer cells and act ten thousand times as chemotherapy and without side effects (weight loss, hair loss, etc.). The graviola ensures its reputation among researchers in the cure breast cancer, bowel, ovary, liver and lungs.

All parts of this tree are used in natural medicine, nothing is lost since the bark, roots, fruits, leaves and seeds are beneficial to the health of humans.
According to research results of PURDUE American university, it is the leaves of this tree are more important. Indeed, they can destroy cancer cells.

So if you happen to be in your juice, choose primarily soursop juice!

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    1. Bonjour! J’en ai trouvé chez les épiceries Kim Phat à Brossard mais Il y a aussi des épiceries Kim Phat sur Goyer et Jarry surement qu’ils en on là aussi. Il y a toute sorte de recettes sur le web pour en faire du jus, sorbet et autre.

  1. Hélène: il y a cette boutique, mais il semblerait que ce sont les feuilles du corossolier qu’il nous faut pour traiter le cancer… Je continue d’en chercher…

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